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There are a number of factors that determine whether or not your film will be shown.

There’s the primary question of theatrical release.

Here’s one approach: does your town have a small theatre that you can count on to provide specialty films? By the way, if it does, support it. If it doesn’t, contact a local theatre owner (call his office) and see if he will show independent films there, even if only on one of his screens. They often will, especially if they think there’s an audience for them. If so, set up a screening, or several, and invite people like mad! Promote that screening in every way you can.

Now, of what use is this to the filmmaker? You can get people to see your movie that you are pretty sure will take a strong interest. They, in turn, will speak to others to get this going. So, you’d better put something in your movie that speaks to a particular group.

In fact, if you can accumulate ANY information suggesting that there IS a group that would be waiting for your film, then it’s much more likely to get your film shown in the first place. I have produced a number of pictures that spoke to certain audiences: ethnics, political, social, etc. We got showings for each of them, by promoting THAT fact to the theatre owners.

You must be sure that a particular audience (or two, or more) would respond directly to your product.

If you’d like to assess this question about any of your own projects or potential projects, let me know.


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