Though I was raised in the film business, I am growingly astonished as the “hardball” tactics used by the old industry moguls are being replaced by out-and-out scoundrels and dishonest tactics, from the lowest to the highest levels of the industry. While I can’t disclose much yet about the legal cases on which I’m working as a consultant and an expert witness, I have come up with a few basic principles which, if you follow them, will assist in protecting you from the alligators, vipers and other consuming beasts. 1. ALWAYS DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE. You must, against any and all odds, be a man or woman of your word, for yourself if no one else. That is the professional thing to do. Therefore, a corollary to this is: ONLY PROMISE WHAT YOU CAN DELIVER. There can be a tendency to stretch beyond your capabilities. Creative people in the film industry, especially if and when they smell money, sometimes make promises that are simply not achievable. This gives us all a bad name. I’m not suggesting that you only play it safe – but I am suggesting that you FIND OUT what you or

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your assembled team CAN deliver before you put any family jewels on the line. 2. IF IT ISN’T WRITTEN IT ISN’T TRUE. Make NO assumptions. If you write or sign a contract, know what every word means. Have a good legal dictionary (e.g., Black’s Law Dictionary) and a good English dicitionary (e.g., Oxford New American Dictionary) at hand. You MUST understand what you’re signing. You only have yourself to blame if you sign a corrupt agreement. If you don’t understand a word, find out what it means, either by looking it up or asking. I’ve been in this business my whole life, and I still ask questions. As often as not, if I don’t understand a word, neither does the person who wrote it. A REAL business person not only doesn’t think less of you for asking, he/she will respect it. If ANYONE makes fun of you for wanting to know, this is not your friend. I’ve stated in an earlier article that your best friend can be your attorney. All of the good ones with whom I work ALWAYS ask, prior to any negotiating, what I want from a ceOkay, first let me start off by saying if you are going to sell something on ebay at least know what you are selling.Polo assn.And claim that they are ralph lauren.If you need some help, you can get help in almost any city in the country by calling on a not for profit organization called score.This site will give you help in planning your venture.There are seasoned volunteers who spend time each week giving free advice to newcomers to business and those that are already in business.

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As the black friday shopping frenzy heats up, retailers are offering consumers some of the best prices ever.With the advertisements for the week before thanksgiving and black friday already out on the web, shoppers have the advantage of planning their shopping strategies early.Stores have already posted their ads making it easier to plan your strategy.3 Ways To Find The Best Deals Before You Go Shopping.

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Dollars and are intended to be valid and effective only in the united states.In the event a product is Tiffany Earrings UK listed at an incorrect price, we have the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for the product listed at the incorrect price, regardless of whether the order has been confirmed or your credit card charged.If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, we will issue a credit to your credit card account.

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