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A few years ago, my good friend Ryan Kugler approached me about co-writing with him a book about videos – their planning, making and distribution.

Ryan, as a well-known distributor of videotapes and DVDs, had been spending hours every week answering questions about the media. Where did videotape actually come from? How did feature movies first appear on them? Why was it legal to record a copyrighted film onto a videotape? Could you sell that videotape once you had copied it? How come you couldn’t make dupicates of a picture you already owned? If you had a bright idea, how could you make own movie about it and then sell it widely? How much should you charge (or pay) for a copy? Where should you advertise it? How do you make an attractive cover or case for your video or DVD? And how about Blu-Rays and other “new media?” In fact, where is this industry going, and how is it going to get there?

So, we decided to research all this, and we came up with a real handbook, HOW TO PLAN, PRODUCE AND DISTRIBUTE YOUR INDEPENDENT FILM.

We consulted everyone from video/DVD dealers to producers to martial artists and exercise gurus to duplicators/replicators. We spoke with the Director of Acquisitions for Netflix. We even interviewed Ryan Kugler himself (the “king of DVD re-sellers”).

All the questions listed above, and many many more, are answered in our book.

I very much enjoyed researching it, and I took the viewpoint: If I were making a movie (whether on film, videotape, DVD or whatever medium), what would I want to know?

Order the book, read it and use it!


All best wishes,

Eric Sherman

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  1. says

    Dear Eric,

    I’m reaching out to you because I’m assisting Aegis Films ( in the sale of their extensive slate of film and television projects. The Aegis Film Group name is well known and highly regarded throughout the industry and Aegis could be the perfect firm for a film company looking to establish themselves in production in Los Angeles.

    Arianna Eisenberg, the CEO of the company, would be open to staying on board in a paid Executive position for 6 months to a year in order to make the transition go smoothly and/or to assist with getting many of the productions that are ready to go into formal production if such services would be required.

    We will provide all documentation for the company including all chain of title, actor’s agreements, Letters of Intent and sales agreements for all of our current projects either in pre-production or pre­prep.

    Please let me know if this is of interest to you, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Cory Ford

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