Crowdfunding – Examples

In a May, 2012, blog, I talked about “Crowd Funding” as a new source of production funds. This is a method of soliciting donations from the general public for your film. Generally, you create an “offering” on one of the two main sites that provide this service: or At this time, it’s entirely legal. Since you are seeking donations or contributions and NOT investments (with any expected return), you do not need to register with a governmental regulatory body. But you MUST follow the rules of the sites.

The two services have many similarities, and some key differences. If you’re interested, be sure to visit each site and thoroughly read their rules and regulations.

I have a number of students and clients who have achieved success via crowd funding – and some have even surpassed their goals.

To see how this works, you can go to these examples of current offerings.

!. Mike Subjack wants to convert into a feature film the old tv series, EERIE, INDIANA.

2. Qing Wang, from China, is making a VERY realistic film about a Chinese family and its struggle for survival, MY WAY.

3. Armen Perian has written a timely film about the sport of fenciing.

In each case above, there is creativity and enthusiasm abounding, as detectable in the promotional videos on their sites.

If you’d like any assistance in putting together your own crowd funding package, let me know.

Eric Sherman

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