What Can I Do For You?

Most people who want to make movies run into two areas of difficulty:

1. Creative (screenplays, actors, crew, equipment, etc.)
2. Administrative (contracts, forms, money-raising, etc.)

The film industry is changing so rapidly (mostly due to technological developments and audience viewing habits) that today’s answers might not be accurate even a month from now.

As a consultant and a college instructor, I’m fortunate to be on the receiving end of most of the latest news in all of these areas.

For instance, you may have an idea for a movie but need to work with an experienced writer to get it into presentable form. Or you may have a script and need to attach actors and/or a director to it. Or you may have all the elements attached, but you need to find acceptable financing. Or you may even have a finished picture and need a reputable distributor who will get it out there AT FAVORABLE TERMS TO YOU!

I’ve encountered so many people who have important messages to communicate via their films, and, yet, they are stuck at one of these places mentioned above.

You can do a lot of wheel-spinning, and you can make mistakes which compromise your goals.

My job as your consultant is to give you a straightforward assessment of how to bust through any of these limiting factors.

Write to me with an honest statement as to where you’re at, and I’ll respond with an estimate

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