South of the Border

I’ve just returned to LA from Brazil, where I spent three weeks acting in a movie written and directed by a former student and current client of mine, Tiaraju Aronovich. It’s called THE CROSS AND THE STAR, and is an exciting story about a real-life situation: the rise of neo-Nazi-ism in South America. I play David, a hunter of Nazis, members of the Aryan Brotherhood, and the like. I got to walk around with a pistol, bullet-proof vest and a badge!

This is Tiaraju’s seventh feature film since he graduated from college, fewer than 10 years ago.

I think back on all the people with whom I’ve worked – taught and consulted – and I’m proud to have been involved with their education and their careers. And I looked at this question: what unites the ones who have had tremendous success? Are there any common denominators that could have predicted their careers in this crazy business?

Yes. Here’s what I’ve isolated so far –

First, a single-minded decision to “go for it.”

Second, not taking “no” for an answer.

Third, not denying barriers, but pushing through them.

Fourth, having a message and deciding to pursue its cinematic description, at any and all costs.

There are always artistic, economic and personal challenges to confront and handle. I’ve been able to assist my clients and students to identify and target the eradication of any voices that say, “Stop. Don’t go there.”

This is, for me, the most gratifying aspect of my work.

If you have a goal, a dream, don’t give it up. It’ll keep you moving forward. But gain the know-how to GET THE JOB DONE.

If you have a film goal or dream, I’d love to assist you in achieving it.


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