God, Mankind and Movies

As a film professional, I try to keep up with current movies – successes and failures.

However, I admit that I’ve had an aversion to the modern “comic book” type of bloated, special effects-laden, blockbusters.

Recently, I decided to check them out – so many ticket-buyers canNOT be wrong, I figured.

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen SUPERMAN-MAN OF STEEL (directed by my former student Zack Snyder!); all the TRANSFORMERS (directed by my former student Michael Bay!); all the BATMANs; all the IRON MANS; the AVENGERS;all the SPIDER MANs; and AFTER EARTH.

At last, I’ve figured out their appeal…they show an individual rising to super-human powers, controlling matter, energy, space and time. This factor has always been the subject of mythology, ancient and modern alike.

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