Orson’s last movie

A new book has just arrived: ORSON WELLES’S LAST MOVIE. Taken from first-hand accounts of participants (including yours truly!), it’s a tale of tenacity, creativity, hesitations, fears, daring, etc. It’s a great read – and a great movie! (Yes, I’ve seen some selected scenes.) Order your copy now! St. Martin’s Press. All best, Eric

HARD SELL – diary of a first-time feature filmmaker

Recently, a former student and current consulting client, Sean Nalaboff, completed shooting his first feature film – HARD SELL. As he’s putting the finishing touches on the picture (color and sound), we talked about this remarkable experience. Here are excerpts from the interview. ES: Tell me what led to the idea for HARD SELL. SN: […]

Orson Welles – The Magician

Many of you know that I had the privilege to work with a true genius – Orson Welles – during the making of his last feature film: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND. It was his final film, and he worked on it from 1970 until his passing in 1985. The subject of the film […]

The Best and the Winners

Aside from my usual consulting, expert witnessing and teaching, I occasionally get called upon to do something out of the norm. Recently, I had the interesting task of being a kind of “executive producer” for six commercial spots (30 seconds each) and six “viral” videos (1 minute to 15 minutes each). There’s a brand of […]

About Steve Balderson

My friend, colleague, client and former student Steve Balderson has been remarkably productive over the past decade.  He has written and directed more than a dozen feature films, and he’s gained quite a reputation as the focal point of a new movement in Kansas for independent filmmaking. Recently, he wrote about our relationship in his blog.  For […]