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DIRECTING THE FILM: Film Directors on Their Art



By Eric Sherman


360 pp; 8-1/2 x 5-1/4; quality paperback

Acrobat Books

In this now classic sourcebook and film curriculum staple, 75 of the greatest American and European film directors speak on every aspect of their craft. Bertolucci, Cukor, DePalma, Fellini, Ford, Forman, Hitchcock, Huston, Malle, Polanski, Renoir, Spielberg, Warhol, Welles, and others discuss scripts, casting, working with actors, editing, and much more. Compiled and annotated by author, filmmaker and teacher, Eric Sherman from AFI seminars and oral histories.

“An invaluable treasury of insights and guidelines.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Intensely readable.” (American Film)

$19.95 + $5.80 Shipping


SELLING YOUR FILM: A Guide To The Contemporary Marketplace


Selling Your Film by Eric ShermanBy Eric Sherman

ISBN# 0-918226-27-9

176 pages, 8-1/2 x 5-1/4; quality trade paperback

2nd Edition Expanded, Updated

Acrobat Books

Selling Your Film lays out in practical, concise terms the landscape of the contemporary film marketplace, its pitfalls and practices, and spells out solutions for both film and video makers. Included are detailed sections on Production, Distribution and Exhibition, as well as a special Video section covering both production and marketing, and a special new section on film marketing and audience research. Sherman, widely known as a teacher, filmmaker, and acclaimed author of books on film, here decodes the mysteries of the market in this essential guide.

$19.95 + $5.80 Shipping

FRAME BY FRAME: A Handbook for Creative Filmmaking


Frame By Frame by Eric ShermanBy Eric Sherman

ISBN# 0-918226-12-0

88 pp., 8-3/4 x 10-3/4, softcover

Acrobat Books

An indispensable how-to book of filmmaking basics for both beginning student and pro. It has been used successfully by over 10,000 university film and video students, independent filmmakers and Hollywood studios. Along with theoretical information, illustrations and diagrams supplement each practical step of the moviemaking process from initial concept to final print, from choosing and mastering tools to writing, directing and editing films. Drills and questions conclude each chapter. “This is the clearest vision of the craft of cinema that I have ever encountered.” (Gary Essert, Artistic Director, American Cinematheque and Founder, Los Angeles International Film Exposition)

$19.95 + $5.80 Shipping

STUDIO AFFAIRS: My Life as a Film Director

Studio Affairs by Vincent ShermanBy Vincent Sherman

ISBN# 0-8131-1975-8

328 pp., hardcover

University Press of Kentucky

In Studio Affairs, Vincent Sherman, a retired film director with more than thirty movies to his credit, looks back on his life. Starting with his youth in Vienna, Georgia, he retraces his steps with candor and enthusiasm.

Sherman candidly discusses the details of his three-year relationship with Joan Crawford, his inadvertent connection with the death of Bette Davis’ second husband and his poignant romantic involvement with Rita Hayworth.

The heart of Studio Affairs provides an inside look at the motion picture industry during the heyday of the studio system by one who worked his way from nearly starving actor and playwright to respected director.

Drawing examples from his long career, Sherman discusses how he reworked flawed scripts, elicited strong performances from sometimes limited actors, placated his superiors and big-name talent and won the support of his crews.

In effect, the book serves as a primer on the art of film directing.

$25.95 + $5.80 Shipping

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