On Being a Director

“Director” comes from a Latin word in the “rex,” or “king” family. So, a director is the king (or queen) of a movie set – no kiddin’, for real. Benevolent kings tend to be loved by their people. Bad kings do not. Directors manipulate space, time, energy and matter to […] Read more »

Who gets hired as a first-time director?

Many of you have asked, "What establishes a director?" I discussed how first-timers get a chance to direct in my last post. There ARE qualities looked for by people who hire directors (e.g., producers, investors, actors, etc.). There are three elements in determining whether or not someone can direct a […] Read more »

First-Time Directors Have a Chance

FIRST-TIME DIRECTORS, YOU HAVE A CHANCE! A leading question for all beginning filmmakers has been: how do I get that first opportunity to direct? Up until this year, answering that question has been like untying the Gordian knot. (Definition: 1. An exceedingly complicated problem or deadlock. 2. An intricate knot […] Read more »


How on earth would you write a book about film directing when great directors all say something different? In 1976, when I was approached by the American Film Institute to write a book about film directing, there were no word processors. I transcribed hundreds of hours of interviews with 85 […] Read more »