Orson Welles – The Magician

Many of you know that I had the privilege to work with a true genius – Orson Welles – during the making of his last feature film: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND. It was his final film, and he worked on it from 1970 until his passing in 1985. […] Read more »

The Best and the Winners

Aside from my usual consulting, expert witnessing and teaching, I occasionally get called upon to do something out of the norm. Recently, I had the interesting task of being a kind of “executive producer” for six commercial spots (30 seconds each) and six “viral” videos (1 minute to 15 minutes […] Read more »

About Steve Balderson

My friend, colleague, client and former student Steve Balderson has been remarkably productive over the past decade.  He has written and directed more than a dozen feature films, and he’s gained quite a reputation as the focal point of a new movement in Kansas for independent filmmaking. Recently, he wrote about our […] Read more »

God, Mankind and Movies

As a film professional, I try to keep up with current movies – successes and failures. However, I admit that I’ve had an aversion to the modern “comic book” type of bloated, special effects-laden, blockbusters. Recently, I decided to check them out – so many ticket-buyers canNOT be wrong, I […] Read more »

The Raging Bull Rages On

A friend and client of mine, Paula Petrella, was and is a family friend of Jake La Motta, “The Raging Bull,” the boxer on whom the famous movie RAGING BULL was based. In fact, Paula’s father, Frank Petrella (pseudonym Peter Savage), wrote two screenplays and a book about his lifelong […] Read more »