Showing It

GETTING IT SHOWN There are a number of factors that determine whether or not your film will be shown. There’s the primary question of theatrical release. Here’s one approach: does your town have a small theatre that you can count on to provide specialty films? By the way, if it […] Read more »

You Do What It Takes

In 1989, my wife and I were sitting in a movie theatre watching the premiere of a picture called FIELD OF DREAMS. It starred an almost-unknown man, Kevin Costner, an older man, Burt Lancaster, and the magnificent James Earl Jones, in one of his last roles. None of us had […] Read more »

On Being a Producer

Of all the major jobs on a movie, there are more questions about “producers” than any other. Who and what, exactly , is a producer? There are roughly three categories: 1. the “b.s.” artist (i.e., he/she who has never produced anything); 2. the entrepreneur (i.e., he who knows some actors, […] Read more »