Showing It

GETTING IT SHOWN There are a number of factors that determine whether or not your film will be shown. There’s the primary question of theatrical release. Here’s one approach: does your town have a small theatre that you can count on to provide specialty films? By the way, if it […] Read more »

The Embodiment of Energy

When you see someone who embodies (“makes visible”) a specific value, it can be inspirational. This is a story about the great writer/director, Sam Fuller, who WAS the embodiment of creative energy and generosity of spirit. When I first met Sam in 1967, I had come back to LA from […] Read more »

How to choose the best Attorney

Based on the large response I received from you on my last blog about the value of entertainment attorneys, I thought I’d follow it up with this checklist on how to go about choosing the best attorney: 1. If you can, get a personal referral. If you cannot, contact the […] Read more »