A Screenplay May Not Be What the Writer Thinks!

You may wonder why the world isn’t jumping to buy your screenplay. You’ve been told by friends that it’s wonderful, a sure thing, would make a great movie, etc. You’ve followed all the “rules” about 3-act structure, plot points, character arcs, and the like. But still, no offers. The problem may be that there is […]

Who gets hired as a first-time director?

Many of you have asked, "What establishes a director?" I discussed how first-timers get a chance to direct in my last post. There ARE qualities looked for by people who hire directors (e.g., producers, investors, actors, etc.). There are three elements in determining whether or not someone can direct a movie. First, can he/she tell […]

First-Time Directors Have a Chance

FIRST-TIME DIRECTORS, YOU HAVE A CHANCE! A leading question for all beginning filmmakers has been: how do I get that first opportunity to direct? Up until this year, answering that question has been like untying the Gordian knot. (Definition: 1. An exceedingly complicated problem or deadlock. 2. An intricate knot tied by King Gordius of […]

I love it when my clients and students work!

I love it when my clients and students work! Recently, a number of my clients and students have gotten (or are up for) good jobs. There’s JC, who’s up for editing a promotional piece for one of my longest-term clients, brilliant martial artist, RG. Then there’s CJM, editor, who’s just signed up with a major […]