A Screenplay May Not Be What the Writer Thinks!

You may wonder why the world isn’t jumping to buy your screenplay. You’ve been told by friends that it’s wonderful, a sure thing, would make a great movie, etc. You’ve followed all the “rules” about 3-act structure, plot points, character arcs, and the like. But still, no offers. The problem may be that there is […]

Who gets hired as a first-time director?

Many of you have asked, “What establishes a director?” I discussed how first-timers get a chance to direct in my last post (http://ericsherman.com/first-time-directors-part-1.html). There ARE qualities looked for by people who hire directors (e.g., producers, investors, actors, etc.). There are three elements in determining whether or not someone can direct a movie. First, can he/she […]

First-Time Directors Have a Chance

FIRST-TIME DIRECTORS, YOU HAVE A CHANCE! A leading question for all beginning filmmakers has been: how do I get that first opportunity to direct? Up until this year, answering that question has been like untying the Gordian knot. (Definition: 1. An exceedingly complicated problem or deadlock. 2. An intricate knot tied by King Gordius of […]

I love it when my clients and students work!

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