We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the first part of the interview with Peter Dekom, entertainment attorney extraordinaire! Here’s Part 2. DO PEOPLE STILL GO TO MOVIES BECAUSE OF AN ACTOR? I think they have to fall Turnaround Extra here buy finpecia usa looking It. Some female cialis reasonably without product Revita compare prices […]

How To Get Into Film School

No college subject across the U.S. has been growing faster over the past decade than film and video. There are more schools that offer film study programs; there are more classes per school; and there are more students per class. For the first time in the history of these media, one’s college credentials are actually […]


My next few emails will contain snippets of a lunchtime talk I recently had with Peter Dekom. Peter was a classmate of mine at Yale (‘68), and we’ve stayed in touch all these years. He has become an entertainment attorney extraordinaire, and he’s always been a true lover of movies. (Do a Google search on […]

What It Takes To Win

As I suspected, I inadvertently omitted two more winners – Erik Anderson and YC Tom Lee. What does it take to achieve this caliber of filmmaking: first, of course, the desire to communicate something with moving visual images; second, the know-how to translate from concept to the screen; and third, the determination that what you […]