What is an Expert Witness?

Some of you have asked, “What is an expert witness?” since this is a service I offer. According to the legal dictionary, an expert witness is, “a witness who has knowledge beyond that of the ordinary lay person enabling him/her to give testimony regarding an issue that requires expertise to […] Read more »

Why I’m A Consultant

The dictionary says that a consultant is one who provides expert or professional advice. When I decided to dedicate my life to films – making them and assisting others to make them – I discovered that there were VERY few, if any, stable pieces of information. I read more than […] Read more »


Here is the much-awaited third part of my interview with Peter Dekom, entertainment attorney extraordinaire. Make sure to read Parts 1 and 2 on my website, www.ericsherman.com. Q. Do you think you can design movies for audience segments other than the most usual ticket-buyers, 15-25 years old? A. There’s a […] Read more »