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This DVD series is about directing art and craft. The director is the primary artist in charge of the overall outcome of the movie. The directory has to be extremely knowledgeable about the technical, aesthetic and historic issues and must be aware of time spent. Time is money in movies as we know. This DVD series presents sample scenes directed by master directors, which will be broken down to understand how was each shoot executed. You will also learn who works with the director and who is on the director’s primary creative team.

In these three discs (more than four hours of material), you’ll learn about the ideal relationship between directors and producers. You’ll also hear the three attributes that must be possessed by any director, as well as the three best training grounds for directors.

Eric will show you scenes from movies, and he breaks them down, shot by shot, discussing the elements. This will really open your eyes.
You’ll also learn guidelines on where to put your camera, and you’ll hear tips about lens choice and their impact on your film.

Finally, Eric will show you forms he has developed that make your job much more organized and, thus, easier. Eric also will recommend film exercises that work you through the process of designing shots and scenes.

Table of Contents


Disc 1

  1. Welcome
  2. Definition of a Director, a Producer and the Relationship between the Two
  3. General Overview of Production
  4. Common Comparisons to a Director
  5. 3 Attributes to Be a Director
  6. 3 Elements that Establish a Director
  7. 3 Best Training Grounds for a Director
  8. 3 Worst Directions You Can Give
  9. Director’s Product: the viewpoint which allows for the creation of an integrated and unified film 5 Other Key Products and Viewpoints that Are Needed


Disc 2

  1. Scenes from A BRONX TALE and LAWS OF GRAVITY
  2. Scene 1 from A BRONX TALE
  3. Scene 2 from A BRONX TALE
  4. Scene from LAWS OF GRAVITY
  5. Scene Breakdown: SHADOW OF A DOUBT
  6. A scene from RIO BRAVO
  7. A scene from TOUCH OF EVIL


Disc 3

  1. Director’s Scene Breakdown Sheets
  2. Getting Behind Schedule
  3. Where To Put Your Camera
  4. “Directors are not hired, projects are bought”
  5. Other Forms
  6. Concluding Comments
  7. Directing Exercises
  8. Lenses

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