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What is a “Producer?” That is a very good question. I don’t know anyone who can define it except me. So with no particular humility, I invite you to look at this DVD series, learn what a Producer is and what the difference is between a Producer and a Director, an Executive Producer, an Associate Producer, a Production Manager, a Unit Production Manager, a Line Producer etc. You need to know this because when the Oscars are given for the best film of the year, it goes to the person or persons called Producer. Nobody else gets them. So we agree that the Producer has something to do with the making of the film. What exactly a Producer does has long been a mystery. I will reveal the answers in this video series.

In these three discs (three-and-one-half hours), you’ll learn what are all the different kinds of producers? What are the most common misconceptions about producing movies? Where does the money actually come from to make movies, and what can you do to get some? Do you have to spend a fortune on legal fees? How do you pick the projects most likely to succeed? What do you need to do to get ready for receiving the money?

You’ll also see many of the various forms used in making movies. Plus, you’ll learn the three questions you must ask of everyone.

Finally, you’ll learn to whom you should submit your project–for greatest opportunity and least risk.

Table of Contents


Disc 1

  1. Types of Producers
  2. Where the $$$ Comes From
  3. Marketing Strategy


Disc 2

  1. How to Raise $$$ Without Spending $$$ on Legal Fees
  2. What Type of Screenplay Should You Produce?
  3. How to Accept the $$$ (Continuity Breakdown Sheets; Strips and Strip-board; Budget Top-sheet)


Disc 3

  1. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll
  2. To Whom to Submit Your Film
  3. Protecting the Material
  4. Protecting Your Material Summary

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