Eric Sherman Seminars on DVD

Eric Sherman on Writing:

Learn how leading writers actually sell their screenplays; learn how to avoid the traps and ruts that writers get into; learn how to exploit the maximum value from your screenplay.

In these three discs (nearly four hours total), Eric discusses many of the secrets of successful screenwriters.

For example, is there any one way that writers write? Learn about the ONLY common denominator amongst all successful writers.

What is the only valid definition of a screenplay? This one will surprise you. It was first given by the highest paid screenwriter for the past three decades. In fact, many of my consulting clients have said that this simple definition has forever changed their approach to the task of writing their screenplays.

Does a script need to “read” well to make a good movie? How “literate” must you be? One great director has said, “If a script ‘reads’ well, it’ll make a lousy movie.” What exactly did he mean, and how can you use this concept to increase your likelihood of success?

How can you use a screenplay to interest actors, investors, distributors? How can you present your script to them, and actually get it read, not just filed away nor shredded?

What about “three act structure”–do you need it to write a script that sells? The author of “Screenplay” has said that you must have all of the acts, but Eric discusses some major successes that don’t follow that structure. So, how can you decide what formal structure to use?

What are the most common flaws of beginning screenplays? Eric has read 20,000+ screenplays, about half from first-time writers. He says there are common flaws–what are they?

What is a screenplay worth? How can you judge a fair offer? Does it matter if you’re a member of the Writers Guild?

How can you access the marketplace? Should you just mail your script out like a shotgun blast, or should you be selective?

And, all the while, how can you protect your ideas? Is there a risk in signing “release” forms? If so, what can you do to minimize that risk?

All of the problems above can be solved with Eric’s secrets distilled from decades of front-line experience.

With this DVD set, discover how the great writers do it, and how you can make your own mark.

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Writing Seminar with ERIC SHERMAN

Eric Sherman on Writing DVD

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Eric Sherman on Producing:

What the heck is a producer? (Very few people in the film industry define it the same way–learn some stable pieces of information which ARE true.) Learn how to solicit and receive money for your production. What three questions should you ask everyone with whom you’re thinking of working.

Many people say,”I’m a producer.” But few will agree on what that means!

In these three discs (three-and-one-half hours), you’ll learn the duties and functions of every different type of producer (e.g., producer, executive producer, line producer, production manager, associate producer, etc.).

What are the biggest mistakes you can make that will ruin a project?

Where does the money actually come from to make movies, and what can you do to get some?

Do you have to spend a fortune on legal fees?

How do you pick the projects most likely to succeed?

You’ve got someone interested in funding your project–what legal steps must you take in order to receive the money without undue jeopardy?

Eric shows you many of the various paper forms used in making movies (e.g., budget, “continuity sheets,” strip boards, etc.).

Plus, you’ll learn what three questions you must ask each cast and crew member before you finalize hiring them!

Finally, you’ll learn to whom you should submit your project–movie stars? their agents? producers? studios? directors? investors?

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Producing Seminar with ERIC SHERMAN

Eric Sherman on Producing DVD

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Eric Sherman on Directing:

What are attributes of a director? What is his relationship with the producer? How do you prepare for your movie?

In these three discs (more than four hours of material), you’ll learn about the ideal relationship between directors and producers.

You’ll also hear about the three qualities that any director must have. Without these, you’ll have a much greater chance for failure. With these, you’ll have the abilities you’ll need to succeed.

Learn the three best training grounds for directors.

Eric will show you scenes from movies, and he breaks them down, shot by shot, discussing the elements that contribute to their overall impact. This will really open your eyes. A guaranteed method of being able to “think” your movie before you make it.

Next, you’ll receive guidelines regarding where to put your camera for a scene. You’ll also get some fundamentals on your choice of lenses and the different emotional effect they have on your viewer.

Finally, Eric will show you various production paper forms he has developed that make your job much more organized and, thus, easier.

Eric also will recommend film exercises that work you through the process of designing shots and scenes. These drills increase your confidence and familiarity with communicating via the language of film.

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Directing Seminar with ERIC SHERMAN

Eric Sherman on Directing DVD

$150 + $7.50 Shipping

Special Offer: Save $50 When ordering all three DVD sets.


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