Script Reading Service


I think that depends on who does it. Some “readers” can dish out confusion pretending to be expertise.

One of my favorite services to new clients is reading their scripts and giving USEFUL notes and suggestions.

What a writer wants to know is what he’d have to do to get his script sold and made into a movie.

Notes on scripts are sometimes called “coverage,” but they’re usually written by non-filmmakers. They can contain lots of fixed ideas and critique that does not tell the writer what he really needs to know. When I read a script, it’s from the point-of-view of “making the film,” not from an academic point of view.

I have read an enormous number of screenplays, and more than 150 of my consulting clients have had theirs made into films. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

There are three stages: 1. reading it; 2. making notes on it; 3. having a follow-up meeting with you about it. If you desire, I can go to a 4th step: creating a marketing plan, the goal of which is to get your property into the hands of people who might seriously consider buying or optioning it.

This form of consulting takes me four hours – two to read it; one to make notes; one to have the follow-up meeting with you. For this, I charge for two hours ($750).

If you have a script you are excited about, or wonder about, or have questions about, give me a call or write to me at this address. I’d enjoy tackling it with you.

To read a script, prepare notes, and have up to an hour-long dialogue with you (via phone or Skype) takes me four hours. As an introduction to my services, I offer this for the price of two hours.


Over the past ten years, I’ve read every book available on screenwriting; I’ve paid readers to read my screenplays; and I’ve read scripts–all the wihile looking for a sense of certainty. What I wanted was the sense of certainty that my screenplays were professionally written, marketable, and well-crafted.

Within ten minutes of our first conversation, I knew I’d finally found a source of information that I could trust. Your data was backed up by example, experience and smarts. You took the time to ensure that I understood what you were discussing. I know also that you always said in our sessions together exactly what you meant, and I appreciate that.

What impressed me the most about your approach was the way you treated me as an individual. You listened to what I was asking for and you delivered exactly that. And very quickly I might add. You have made a professional out of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. –AK